viernes, 1 de julio de 2011

What are you doing?

1.- She's working in the office
2.- He's  watching tv
3.- He's sleeping
4.- She's listening to music

Electronic items

This Samsung 32GB smartphone makes multitasking faster than ever for quick downloading, driven by Android 2.1, the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant smartphone keeps you occupied with more than 50,000 applications.It's inexpensive because is light, small and really moderm
it's on sale now for 200$

Digital camera MINOX
8MP, Touch Screen, Memory 5GB, Battery and USB are included
It's is inexpensive and smallIt's is very nice 

It's is small and lightweight MP3
It's is inexpensive and very cool, headphone are included
It's on sale now for 30$

TV Samsung LED
With Sony KDL-55HX800, staying at home gets more entertaining.
This LED HDTV boasts of an exceptionally slim design making it look sleek and elegant.
It's is very expensive but recommended
It's on sale now for 1.400$


In my room there is a Lamp, a laptop, a bed, a fruit, a telephone

my favorite item in my room is my laptop because is beautiful and modern.


jueves, 30 de junio de 2011

What’s the perfect gift?

What's my perfect gift?
My perfect gift is a cell phone, because my cell phone is very old

What's the perfect gift for my mother?
A new TV, because she loves the movies

What’s the perfect gift for Andres?
A new audio equipment, because he loves the music

Poem for my dad

Ramon Contreras
By: Marisel Contreras

Hardworking, educated, loving, correct.
Father of  Armando, Mariela, Hernan and me
Who loves God, cars, sports and children
Who is afraid of  Dead, crime, volcano, bad people.
Want to see my graduation day.

I love my father